Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Retail Therapy

Just a little retail therapy, I promise.  These are my goods from a little scrap shop tour I took last week. I am inspired by the paper in the top right corner, I took some pics of Riley gardening with Grandma the other day that will look so cute on those papers. Of course I couldn't leave a store without a piece of cupcake paper that I don't have already! In the bottom right corner is a little treat I bought with Nichole in mind. It's a little wax seal that says 'baby' - maybe for announcements or baby shower invites! Yay, yay, scrapbook stuff!


Kim said...

I love the woodland creatures paper too! Are you going to post a picture of your finished project with it? It is all sooo cute! Do you get cloth,paper,scissors magazine? I saw a really cute photo album idea in the latest issue in the art submitted by readers I think- I'll have to look- I just got it and flipped through it quickly. Anyhow, the album covers are a roof to a cardboard house and then the pages tuck down into the house- it was soooo cute! Your chipboard house reminded me of it. sorry- kinda rambled there. Have a super week!

angel said...

HOLY CUPCAKE PAPER BATMAN! I neeeeddd that!!! WHEN is the AZ scrapbook tour??? Good to talk to you today...sorry not long enough (never is) My birthday is coming...scrapbook tour in the Phx?