Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm gettin' my groove back. I read this blog all the time, I just love her style. A while back she started this stitching project and I followed along with it on this blog. I just love her stitch sampler - so adorable and I wished the whole time that I had done it too. Then I read that she's starting a new one! Oooooh I'm so psyched! I rounded up my supplies - had to run to Hobby Lobby to get a hoop - and got a jump start on the project! I've already stitched out my grid, each little square is going to represent one of my blessings. I've got lots of ideas, i'm going to keep it bright and colorful. Hopefully when it is done I will love it enough to frame and hang up. The best part is that Kolbi was watching me and wants to do one of her own right along with me. So it is now a mother & daughter project *yay*!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Pancake Pen

During some pre-Easter shopping I decided to get myself this pancake pen to add to my basket.
Everyone was like 'oh a pancake pen...' *yawn* But let me just tell you this thing is AWESOME!
I fit an entire batch of batter in the pen at 1 time. You can re-load it from the bottom so if I had made more I could have refilled with no mess. Then on Easter morning, I made adorable heart shaped pancakes in a snap.
I even busted out all of my artistic talent to create the pancakes below....
behold...Spongebob and Patrick! Riley was psyched :)