Thursday, May 27, 2010

They Just Keep Growing Up

It was the last day of school today. Riley will start the 2nd grade next year and Kolbi goes on to her Sophomore year. Wow. I have been so active in Riley's school this year and it was really sad to see it end. I was there pretty much all day today with treats, parties and a teacher luncheon. It was totally an emotional day - it caught me off guard because I've been counting down the days 'till summer! I think it was emotional for Riley too. This morning Riley told me he just wished he could see his librarian one more time because he will miss her and wants to give her another good bye hug. It got me all choked up. Then he told his teacher that he wished she could teach him 2nd grade next year. He's so dang sweet!
I was in the class delivering these, Lego cupcakes
and I was able to snap a pic of the last lesson.. :(
Here's the candy bouquet that we put together for Mrs. Tomlinson. All year I thought she didn't eat sugar because Riley TOLD me that she didn't eat sugar. Then I find out that she totally eats sugar. So we made up for not sending candy all year with this.
We went ahead and passed out Riley's birthday invitations today. His party isn't until June 12th but I figured this was a good chance to invite all of his friends from school. Angel sent me these invitations all printed up and ready to go - can we say AWESOME-EST FRIEND EVER?!

Last week we went to Boise for a Kolbi photo shoot. She is anti-school pictures so I found that I had a ton of Riley pics and none of Kolbi to send out to family and friends. We just went out and took our own. They came out so cute too!

It's hard to pick a favorite - these are my top 3. She took a ton of really great shots though and it was a fun day.

We also took several candids:
Riley thought he was in National Treasure - had us walking around, searching for 'clues'.
I even convinced them to take a pic....TOGETHER!
...and the cutest pic of Kolbi and Savanna :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Love This Stitching Project

I am having so much fun stitching. I am by no means an expert, but I just figure it out as I go. I've gotten lots of inspiration from the other ladies who are doing this project too, over at the Counting My Blessings blog. I took these pics about 2 days ago and I already have 3 more squares done :) Kolbi decided not to do one, she said maybe next time. For now, she will just watch me.

This last one was not complete when I took pics but now it is! I'll update with more squares soon.

O, and check out the cool new cup I got at Starbucks! I love this thing - it's a re-useable cup that looks like their throw away cups! The littlest things make me soooo happy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appreciate A Teacher

Do you know it's teacher appreciation week? I do :) We are keeping busy at my house with all the preparations for teacher thank you's.
We made signs for all the teacher's doors for first thing Monday morning. My PTO group is awesome, we are a small group but no project is too big for us! We have so much fun hanging out at coming up with crazy ideas together.

We gave all the teachers and staff a flower.

We rounded up a small army of teeny, tiny donkeys...

...and attached an invitation to the teacher fiesta lunch we are throwing tomorrow!
So fun!! We have more ideas for the rest of the week too :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Can't Even Find My To Do List...

I just can't keep up with the days lately! It must be that end of the school year hurricane approaching. I have a million little projects that I was hoping to get done before school is out but that is not looking too probable right now. I've just got to get the list down somewhere so that I know it will be waiting for me when I am ready.

What I have been working on is lots of top secret Teacher Appreciation Week projects. I can share the one below because it is for a teacher in the next town over and chances are good that no one will see it who might squeal.
I probably shouldn't admit it but we put A.L.O.T. of thought in to that 3D cupcake. Tried several different ideas and ended up loving simple tissue paper (Betsy, you are a genious).

I've been working on helping out at the school too - cotton candy pictured above. I'm like a cotton candy expert now. It takes hours and hours to make hundreds of bags of this stuff and when you are done you are covered in sugar. This is how we are sending the kids at Riley's school on field trips this year though so a little sugar coating is worth it.

Alright, so back to my list:

Freezer paper stencils - have you seen this? I have plans for this one and it will be AWESOME!

Flower pins/headbands - 1st step is find that adorable blog that inspired me to do these...

Get to stitching - I'm already feeling behind but will get at least one square done this weekend!

Open that soldering kit I got for *Christmas* - seriously, how can I ask for something and then not touch it for months?!

Make a little, tiny, scrappy thing to go in this empty jar...

*I started putting my albums into my apothecary jars and I don't have anything small enough to fit through the little hole on this one :( *

Order some awesome stuff (maybe for Riley's Bday party) from Garnish - this could be my new favorite store.

Print some freakin' photos - I am so behind it is not even funny, we are talking hundreds and hundreds of photos.

Decorate my camera strap - Like these here. Maybe I just ask for one for Mother's Day?

Plant Magic Jelly Beans - this is just the cutest idea ever.

I'm sure there is more swimming around in my head. I'm happy to start with these first.