Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Picture Taking

Last Saturday I met a friend a the college to take some family photos for her. Kolbi had her first photography class assignment so she came too. The college campus is a beautiful place for pictures, Nichole met us there with Kloe since I had the camera out! You should of seen us, we were like Kloe's own paparazzi. I do think I got some good shots though, especially if I photoshop them a little and make some black and white. Here are just a few...

All Things Fall

I just love this time of year. I love the decorations, the chill in the air and the baking. Not much makes me as happy as pulling out the Halloween and Fall decorations. I look forward to carving pumpkins for weeks. Everyday I have a new idea of some sort of fall baking that should be done. I just look around the house at all the spooky decor and a smile spreads across my face. These things really do make me happy.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We ♥ The 80's

Kolbi's friend just had an 80's themed birthday party - super fun! The girls were so cute all decked out in neon and mall hair. I helped out by making the huge chocolate chip cookie. They wanted it to look like a record and it made me think. I remembered seeing those bowls that people made from records. So of course, it was all I needed to run to the thrift store and pick up some records. I gave it a try and it was so fun! We created a record cake plate and a ton of bowls.
The tools are simple... records, an oven, some bowls and a cookie sheet.
Put it in the oven just like this at about 200 degrees for 10 - 20 mins.
Then you can do all sorts of crazy things to it! I just formed some simple bowls out of most of them but also used a cake pan to make the cake plates.
The table looked so festive...
and so did the girls!
They played Twister, Rubix Cube challenge and M A S H. Then they all watched Sixteen Candles. Finishing of with some 80's Singstar. Oh to be young again!!

What We've Been Making...

An itsy, bitsy cemetery...

This is my only new decoration for Halloween this year. I definitely have enough decor up but I just couldn't help myself when it came to making a tiny cemetery scene on this cool gothic cake plate that my sister gave me for my birthday.

Riley and I finally made his homework station. I saw this in a Family Fun magazine a few months back and we've had it on our list to make since then.
I collected all the stuff for it, like pencil bags and calculators when the stores were clearing out the school supplies so I got some great deals. Then we took a display board and added an extra crease to each side so that when it folds up it will accommodate all the extra things hanging from it. Riley chose the teal color and helped paint it then all that was left was putting it together which was the easiest part.
Most of the items velcro on and off so that they are easy to access. We also added some clothes pins to hold his class folder.
He sets it up everyday to do his homework and it helps keep his focus!

Monday, October 19, 2009

CHS Homecoming

Homecoming is a big deal here, even the elementary schools get excited about the high school game. This is the first time we've experienced the excitement... we were emersed in it actually. With Kolbi being a freshman this year and Riley in 1st grade and really excited about any parade! The high school parade route goes through town and by all the little kids so that they can join the fun. A few pics at the parade...
Check out Riley holding up his cougar paw (all the way on the left)! So cute!!

And then, the homecoming dance... duh duh duh! Kolbi's 1st high school dance... WOW
We called in Nichole for some hair and makeup reinforcements.

She looks just like a princess.

The girls all done up and ready to go :)

Grandma Barnes passed away earlier this month. We drove to Phoenix for her funeral and visited with the Barnes side of the family and Grandpa. Merry was my husband's Grandma on his Mother's side, she and Grandpa were married for 64 years. It was very touching to hear Grandpa tell the story of how they met in the military and eventually married and started their family. I have been married for 13 years and most everyone I know considers that a long time, it touches my heart to hear how much Grandpa loved Grandma even after all those years. Love really does just grow stronger sometimes and they are a good example of that. We will miss Grandma Barnes.

It has been hard for me to get to this post. I kept putting it off and today I realized that, yes, it is hard to write about losing someone but still, it needs to be done. I feel better now since there has been so many things I've wanted to blog about but just couldn't because I knew that this post had to come first.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tied Tutu Tutorial

By request - here is how you make a tied tutu. Perfect for your favorite little girl.
Get some tulle and elastic. For 6 year old little girls 12 yards is perfect (we did 6 purple and 6 black for Lexi's halloween costume). I know from experience that 14 year old little girls need about 18 yards.

A rotary cutter and mat are not necessary but sure are helpful. I have cut the strips with scissors only and it's not the end of the world but if you can get your hands on these tools it is worth it.

Cut the tule into 5 inch thick strips. You will need to decide on the length. For longer tutu's just cut strips don't cut the width of the fabric down.

The only sewing is to attach the elastic to itself.

Now just tie your tulle strips to the band. Alternate the colors or just use one color. This takes about 2 hours and is very static-y. I suggest having a few dryer sheets on hand to tame the static.

The finished product. A supper fluffy tutu.

Here's Tori modeling hers! I forgot to snap of pic of Lexi's on her but this is the same process just done a day later :)

Hope it was explained well enough - feel free to ask questions!